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Curegenix is a clinical-stage drug discovery company with R&D operations in San Francisco, USA and Guangzhou, China. The company is developing novel drug candidates targeting the WNT signaling pathway for the treatment of cancer and degeneration/fibrosis with unmet medical needs. The first-in-class Porcupine inhibitor CGX1321 has completed phase 1 clinical studies in the US and China, and is undergoing proof-of-concept clinical studies at several world-leading clinical centers (collaborators).

Business Model

Leverage resources in the US and China to efficiently develop first-in-class WNT therapeutics for the global market.

Management Team

Michael An, MD/PhD

Dr. An is the founder of Curegenix. He is an expert in WNT signaling research with more than 20 years of drug discovery experiences in pharmaceutical industry. Prior to founding Curegenix, he was a Principlal Scientist / Project Leader at Amgen and a program director at Tularik in the US. He obtained an MD degree from Peking University Medical School and a PhD degree in Molecular Biology / Biochemistry from the University of Missouri-Columbia. After postdoctoral training in immunology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Dr. An became an assistant professor in the Department of Medicine at UCSF.

Andy Dorr, MD

Dr. Dorr is an expert in clinical development with more than 30 years of experiences in clinical development of novel anti-cancer drugs. He has served as Senior Investigator, Associate Professor Medical Research Advisor, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Advisor at the NIH, Indiana University School of Medicine, Eli Lilly, Ionis (Isis), Peregrine, S*BIO and Genentech. Dr. Dorr obtained an MD degree from University of North Carolina School of Medicine.

Laurie Rosenstein, Head, Clinical Operations

Ms. Rosenstein is an expert in clinical operations with more than 25 years of experiences in conducting clinical trials. She has worked as a Clinical Project Manager and Clinical Research Consultant with multiple pharmaceutical companies, including Abbott, GSK, Dupont, Serono, Searle/Pharmacia, Millennium, MedImmune, S*Bio and Genentech.

Jinjin Cai, PhD
Director, Biomarkers

Dr. Cai is an expert in biomarker development with more than 15 years of experiences in biomarkers, genomics and translational research. He was a CTO at DS GenoMed prior to joining Curegenix. He obtained a PhD degree in Molecular biology and Oncology from the Huntsman cancer institute (HCI) at University of Utah.

Tim Johnson, MSHS
Acting Head, US Regulatory Affairs

Tim is Regulatory Affairs Professional skilled in successfully managing and planning submissions, as well as authoring high-quality regulatory documents. Knowledgeable in relevant domestic regulations, guidance, and policy with insight into site-level operations. He obtained a Master of Science and Health Science in Regulatory Affairs from The George Washington University.

Jim Labdon, PhD
Head, CMC and QA/QC

Dr. Labdon is an expert in CMC quality control and quality assurance. Over 30 years of research experiences at major pharmaceutical companies, such as Roche, Merck, Regeneron and Bayer. He holds a PhD degree in chemistry from New York University.

Jijun Cheng, PhD
GM, China

Dr. Cheng has more than 20 years of biological research experiences in both academia and industry. He used to be an R&D scientist at Eli Lilly, and an associate researcher at the Cancer Center and Stem Cell Center of Yale University School of Medicine.

Tao Huang, JD/PhD
General Counsel

Dr. Huang is an expert in intellectual property strategy and portfolio management. He was a patent attorney at Wilson Sonsini and Morgan Lewis in silicone valley, participated in the establishment, intellectual property transfer, financing, and business development of many biotech and pharma companies. He is trained as a PhD scientist and obtained a JD degree from University of Michigan.

Sheng Ding, PhD

Prof. Ding is an internationally-renowned scientist in chemical biology and stem cell biology. He is currently Dean of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Tsinghua University and Director of the The Global Health Drug Discovery Institute (GHDDI) of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Curegenix is a clinical-stage company with operations in the San Francisco Bay Area and Guangzhou China. We focus on the discovery and development of novel drugs.

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